Ammann Pneumatic Tyred Rollers provide the kneading and sealing effect that is so critical on jobsites. The tyred rollers perform on both asphalt and aggregates, which of course means the machines must be flexible. They certainly are, with air pressure adjustments made without the operator ever leaving the cab. Ballast packages easily can be added or removed to ensure the most efficient machine and process are provided.

AP 240


– 9340kg operating weight
– 199cm working width
– Cummins engine


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A ballasting range of 9.5 tonnes to 24 tonnes helps make the Ammann AP 240 Tier 2 Pneumatic Tyred Roller a good fit on diverse jobsites. Also helping with flexibility is the air-on-the-run system, which the operator uses to adjust tyre pressures without ever leaving the cab. The optional Ammann Traction Control (ATC) boosts productivity on tough terrain. The proven hydrodynamic propulsion system ensures productivity. Quality Ammann components and engineering enable reliability and long life.