Heavy Equipment Philippines


  • Tri-globe, Inc. is a family corporation established in 2001.
  • Focused on importation and sale of brand new and used equipment
  • Provides Optimum After sales service
  • Provides on-site services to clients
  • Specializing in the repair and maintenance of unique heavy and municipal equipment
  • Affiliated with Cleamco Industrial Corporation and Inframachineries Corporation


The company started in the business by transporting heavy and special cargo to its clients. Then expanding its operation by offering construction and maintenance equipment. At present TRI-GLOBE, INC. continues to be in the transport business but focuses more on the selling of specialised heavy equipment philippines and reconditioning.

TRI-GLOBE, INC. differentiates itself by being one of the few companies that supplies unique utility equipment and gives premiere after sales services to its clients.

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Products and Services we offer:

Heavy and Utility Equipment Importation and Sale

Equipment Repair, Reconditioning and Maintenance (with warranty)


Training for Maintenance and Proper Use of Equipment Units

Made-to-order Fabrication of Special and Unique items


Heavy Equipment Rental